Saturday, 4 October 2008

Adidas sickline day 3


At 10:30 started the finals at the Welle brucke course. Top 50 men’s had their chance to be the best extreme kayaker in the world. We had 2 rides, first run was a qualification run and also a knockout for 25 kayakers. The think was that the first and the second run counted together for the top 25 men’s than if you had your second run worst that the first one you still wasn’t the winner. I think it was an interesting rule, because it shows who the best one is and not just who had luck. The race was long and the weather wasn’t that hot. We were waiting long time to be started.

Nina happy face :)

Curo little strest out

me at the race

Ingrid and Manuel enjoying the meal

Sam befor he took the second place

Puko best dog ever!!!

I also made the finals; I was really surprised because this was my second time in my creek boat this year. I had well both rides and made place 12 at the end.


1. Schmitt Thilo (GER) 2:05,81

2. Sutton Sam (NZL) 2:05,92

3. Ramazza Michele (ITA) 2:07,38

4. Kralj Dejan (SLO) 2:08,12

5. Berman Tao (USA) 2:08,58

Here are some more results at theadidas-sickline">adidas-sickline

Today will be a big party !!!

Enjoy the pictures.

See you

Peter & Nina

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