Sunday, 30 November 2008

Picture this - part 7-10

The part 7 of the movie is from France – Lyon one of the best waves in Europe. We spend there some weeks before the Worlds 2007. The wave has lot of potential, in different levels different kind of wave. If there is lot of water there is possibility to surf also another channel. OK that’s it ,probably everyone knows this wave , here is the part of the movie >>>

Picture this - part 7 from Peter Csonka on Vimeo.

The part 8 is from Canada , we was there twice , for the World cup 06 and also for the Worlds 09. Canada is epic , there is everything , nice holes , waves , rivers … I understand why the Canadian kayakers are one of the best in freestyle. We would like to spend there more time for kayaking. Part 8>>>

picture this - part 8 from Peter Csonka on Vimeo.

Part 9 is from Europe again. Austria is very close to Slovakia and there is lot of options for kayaking. There are lot of creeks , playspots and riveruns. The closest wave for is the Kuchl wave and we were there almost every week at spring and at fall. Other option is in Graz , there are 2 spots but it depend lot of on the water level , but that is everywhere. Enjoy it >>>

Picture this- part 9 from Peter Csonka on Vimeo.

The last 10th part is just the ending of the movie…

Picture this - part 10 from Peter Csonka on Vimeo.

That's it that's all.
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Peter & Nina

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