Monday, 11 May 2009

Kayak and Canoe cross 2009 - Bela

This weekend we had a small break from our kayak freestyle training and we went for a Slovakian first from the kayak cross cup ever. The competition was just on Saturday and because of this we went there at Friday evening. We met us with our friend like Jano , Mato , Miro … and had a small party on the private. It is awesome because my last time when I met my friends was probably more than half year ago.

our company during the party

Unfortunately we are so busy couple for couple of months at the moment. What to say I enjoyed. Next early morning the premiere event starts , we had more people that we was aviating , but that just super cool.

There was possibility to compete on more categories like K1 , K2 , C1 , C2 ,R2. Me and Nina we just took part on the K1 action. The race was about 10 min. long and there was penalty for missing the positions and appointing the tickets. Really good race , there is lot of nice nature even the water isn’t that hard.

After the race we was not able to stay because we went to Martin which is an City where Nina was born and still have family. On Sunday we made a hike true the mountains with Nina’s dad , had lunch and drive home.

Click here for full results or here for the official web page kayak.skfor more info

It was a beautiful weekend again.
See you

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