Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Tripping …

Las week we spend we lot of travelling. We made about 3000 km over the Europe from Slovakia over Graz ( AUT ) then to Lyon ( FR ) and we finished it in Bremgarten ( SUI ) and after very broken went back home. Unfortunately we couldn’t stay and kayak more because we need to spend also some more time in the school. But from the beginning we left at Friday to Graz to kayak bit over there. The wave had a very good level for the wave also with an eddy service. What to say more we enjoyed it a lot.

Sunday evening we left from Graz and drive to Kuchl where we spend the rest of the night. Kuchl does have too much water at the moment and because of it we left next morning on the road again to hit the famous wave Hawai sur Rhone in France. When we came there the water levels were good . The problem was that during the past high flows something changed and the wave isn’t what it was. We met there with Mariann Seather and kayak together for the first day. The wave is a bit tricky at the moment and it is hard to stay after the tricks. Next days the water level came up and the foam from there disappear , we were not able to catch the wave from the top. I spend about 10 rides to catch the wave but without any success.

We decided to go to Swiss Bremgarten where is another wave and running at the moment. This was a really good move and we enjoyed 2 trainings a day for couple of days. Really awesome play spot to prepare for the Worlds 09 in Thun. At Sunday there was a Swiss Qualification for the worlds. We met there lot of friends like our team made Florian Dillier and Querin Wegman. Nina did compete also . She did well too , after the finals where she unfortunately in the middle of the ride missed the wave and couldn’t finish her ride , she end on the 2nd position. Florian end on the 5th position and that’s mean that he qualified for the Worlds. Querin (NL) won the woman category.

some pictures from beautifull Bremgarten

Now we are at home and waiting for the another trip like this , hopefully it comes soon.

See you


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