Sunday, 26 July 2009

Graz session with Project cx

After upgrading my new project We went to Graz to test the boat. As you know the boat is made from Kevlar bottom and carbon upper part. The boat is very light stiff and how I sad before there are couple new changes which make it a bit different from the project 52. There was really important to repair same things around the seat. It took me some time to figure out how the reinforcing of the outfitting should be but now it’s done and I been paddling the boat more than 10

trainings. Of course it isn’t possible to paddle this boat in shallow futures. Every hit of stone hurts because the boat is just so much expensive to destroy it on the rocks. Ok how I said we went to

Graz to test the boat. The levels was perfect for wave sessions. My first feeling was that I was so impressed that everything is so easy I had smile from ear to ear. After couple of rides of “huge

California rolls " in small wave , clean blunts ... I was so stoked that I don’t want to change for other boat again. I been paddling About 2 hours and I wasn't tired like with a plastic boat. For the afternoon

session I took my p52 again and it was boring. It doesn’t mean that I am not able to do something special or more on the carbon boat like p52, but it is just so light and stiff, it jump bigger it is a bit more

speedy and the best of it is that everything is working more easy which is really important in competitions. This boat is competitive machine for sure. What to say more , just enjoy the clip from Graz and some pictures from Nina and have fun.

See you

Peter Csonka

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