Monday, 13 July 2009

Project cx 54

Finally I get an email from Ingrid Schlott that a new project 54cx is waiting for me. The project 54cx is an carbon version which should be more light stiff , bouncing better , more speedy , but the best think about this boat is that they finally past in my body mass weight. Unfortunately or fortunately, I don’t know, my weight is about 90 kg which means that when I have all my gear on its about 95-100 kg… and that’s a lot. Until now I been paddling the project 52 gallons and it is a bit small for my size and as you maybe know that also means that the loops godzilla’s and other aerial moves are really hard and not just that but also to stick the moves in small futures too. The new cx project is now 54 gallons which seems to be real goal for my. Straight after I get that message we went to Blue and white to pick up my boat and on the way back we stop in Plattling for two days. The level was really awesome because of the rain and we was so stoked about it. My dislocated finger was getting better and I was able to start with trainings again. Every wave move was possible. I been paddling in my old project and than in the new one to compare this two boats. My advice for you is definitely ‘’yes’’ , go ahead and get the boat it is sick! It bounce really huge, it has more speed as any other boat I kayak before and every trick was so easy to do. There are aslo some changes on the boat too. It feels really great, there is lot more foot room and more volume around the body of the kayaker. There are some changes on the carves , they are now more radical which means more air J. I think that Robert Pearson made a great job again. Really I would love to have this boat also in plastic to rip also some shallow play spots around my place .

See you

Peter Csonka

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