Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Movie night weekends

Two weeks ago we had the premiere of our new movie from Zambia. We decided to arrange a huge party including Nina's birthday party. We held it in the boat house called “Dunajcik“ which has a long canoe history in Slovakia. After a few months of editing the movie it was finally ready...We showed the whole section of the Victoria Falls and the lake Kariba taken in January. We were lucky and managed the whole section as we wanted, and over the top we captured it all.Thanks to Nico Chassing who helped us to make that happen.We had a private premiere with about 60 people ( just our friends ) and after the movie Nina’s big birthday party began. Thanks to everybody for the support with this super nice party.Next plan is to play this movie at all the outdoor movie festivals in Slovakia including the most famous one called “Hory a mesto“ where the movies are played in Aupark Cinema infront of thousands of people. Awesome weekend!!!

Last weekend was another film festival called “HoryZonty“. It is the second famous film festival with about 3000 visitors each year showing outdoor movies in Slovakia. We are proud that also one of our movies (Damming the heaven) was shown there and also won 3rd place. Thanks very much to the organizer of this event.
More info.
You can watch the whole movie

A big thank you to all the sponsors that helped us to make this happen.

See you!

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