Sunday, 21 November 2010

Till the end

In one of my latest updates I mentioned that the kayak session is over. WRONG! Fortunately the owners of the white water course in Cunovo decided to keep the water running due to great weather conditions so we were still able to use the course till it started to freeze.
Our usual course has a certain hole that we love to hit but that section was closed. Fortunately the second course also had a play hole and sometimes when they released more water we could also ride a nice small wave.
We are very lucky that we can manage trainings till the end of November. In December we will continue in Uganda. Uganda is our favourite training place. The river lies 1000m above sea level which is perfect for endurance training. We usually spent there every day including two training sessions. This time we plan to pay as many visits as possible to the hole called “super hole”.
So this is probably the very last update from the cold winter in Europe.
Enjoy the small clip from the training.

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