Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Winter is here!

The winter season is here, the white water course in Slovakia stop to work at 15 november and its really cold to kayak somewhere close in Europe. For us it definitely doesn't mean free time, be honest I have even less time as few week ago... We started to prepare for next season in Gyms , Gymnastics gyms , Running in the forest, paddling on the flat water or on the paddling machines inside when its too cold. So basically now we are spending lot of time on the sport facilities mostly 2 times a day. Personally I kind of hate to have this brake and not to use my new kayak which we build for me for next season. Its like pain in my ass to have it in garage without kayaking it! For me every time I get a new prototype and of course it must be a good one it kicks me so much to the front in trainings because I am not focusing on trainings but on the boating with it and its not boring anymore. I love that new boat really, I cant wait to kayak it in Uganda again. Nina will also have one specially made for her! 
Except the training we have also the film festival season where we are presenting our movies. After the really great time on the film festival Hory Zonty where we got some nice prices, we got an offer to take a part on the film festival in middle of Slovakia called Hory objektivom. This time the quest was Nina. Nina was taking part on our last journeys so she was a perfect lady quest in between all the guys. Except the interactive show and the story telling she was also asked to make the raffle :) The Cinema was really full with people and they really was curios about what we are doing and asking many questions and it had really nice atmosphere. 
For next few weeks we have to train hard and wait till the 11th january for the sunny nice Africa.
See you

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