Sunday, 22 January 2012

Uganda 2012

Unfortunatelly last time the pictures didnt upload so here we are ...

Our winter session seems to be over because we already start paddling and training in Ugandan White Nile where we use to go every year to get ready for the season. We decided to spend one month as a nice start to the 2012 season.  We met here lot of friends as always which is very nice because you don’t get bored too soon. As usual we spend all the time on the waves at the Hairy lemon Insland. This tent from Husky is our new home now .

 The levels are very high maybe also because of the dam. The Nile Spetial wave is running whole day without rope and also Malalu wave downstream is an option to go almost every day. What to say, maybe just lets say a paradise. This time we could not wait to go here because Vajda kayaks made a new shape with me so me and Nina we was the first who test it on big wave. I love to kayak that boat. Its fast really stabile and it jumps huge!
Now we are in Jinja to eat and surf on internet more. Unfortunately all prices went up so some thing feel a bit too expensive now.
So far it did not happen something else so just enjoy the pictures.
See you  

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