Tuesday, 28 February 2012

My small Beast.

First time when I saw Peter’s new boat- Beast I was sure I want it too. I tried his boat and despite it has too much volume for me I was able to paddle it. We customized the boat for my weight. I was quite nervous because I took it straight to Uganda without trying it. I tried it just one time before Uganda on the flat water but it was about minus 5 degrees.
First day in Uganda I was really tired from the flight, we didn’t sleep for 24 hours. Anyway the first think what I did I grab my boat and paddled up to Nile Special. I was so excited about my new boat! It surprised me a lot. From first moment I felt so good in it. I did some flat water moves. I did not expected that it is easier than on my old boat- stealth. The front and back are more slice so it goes easily under water. The front have more volume which help to jump for loops or mc nastys. I was really pleased that I can do my flat water routine much easier so I started to learn new moves.
Than I came to wave! I find the new passion for back moves. It landed so easy! Even I did a mistake I could stick the wave. Flipturns, back steps or back panams, with Beast easy moves! I was trying to do proper air screw before but I couldn’t land it. I wasn’t able to do whole rotation. Now I can say I did it! Beast was surfing really good. You can get really big air. It is very fast too. This helped me to do right rotation and land my first proper air screw on Nile Special and Malalu wave.
Sometimes I was too scared to did my trick from first pump because it was to high and to stiff for landing.
I love my new Beast. Peter told me that I did quite big progress in wave kayaking. Only think I can say for it is: “Thank you Vajda for my perfect boat!”.

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