Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Another great success for Nina and Peter

After the first successful competition we moved on to Hartford, Pigeon River. We have been here before so we knew what to expect. The playhole is really nice. It is pretty easy, a constant hole where every move is possible. The event started on Tuesday. The water is released by a dam and it is running only in the afternoon. We were lucky that we trained there before because there was no time to practise before the competition started.

As I mentioned it is a nice easy hole and everybody was showing their best. You could see it on the mens score. To move to the quarterfinal you had to get at least 1400 points! I think this was the event with the highest scores ever! Peter and me reached the finals quite easy. Peter won the quali and quarterfinal and ended up on a second place in the semifinal. I did also a good job and ended up 3rd in quali and 4th in semifinal. All the finals took place on Saturday so we took Friday off, relaxed and saved some energy for the big day :)

I was quite nervous because the top 5 girls were the same as at last World Champs and even in the same order :) My aim this time was to end up better than 4th. The girls showed their best and improved by each ride and so did I :) At the end I finished on a good 3rd place. I was really happy, even though I knew I could have paddled better but it was a very tough final. Second place went to Emilly Jackson (USA) and Claire O’Hara (GBR) won the girl's category.
The men did an awesome job too. It was thrilling to watch them. Peter had pretty good rides but in second round Dane Jackson scored higher. So the last round was the only chance for Peter to win. And he did it. I think he scored highest score ever - 1460 points! I was so happy for the both of us. Now we are training in NOC where the last World Cup takes place. Keep fingers crossed! We want more medals... ;)

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