Thursday, 20 September 2012

World cup #3 recap

  The last world cup took place at NOC on Nantahala river. It was our fifth week in USA kayaking and competing all around the places. I men its really stressful and also tough to kayak so long compete, sleeping in tent in the forests over the competition. I really missed my van with the comfort it has. Fortunately it seems that it didn't affect us that much in the end because our results were really good. The last of the world cups was actually on the spot where the next world championships will take place. We was training hard over the week during all the national trainings. Our group was 13 people for one hour so we split into two groups and each had only 45 sec. It was a great training for the upcoming competition. Last day before the competition I really had to take a brake because my back was too painful. In friday was the qualification for almost all the categories. I really can say the judges had a tough day all day long watching the kayakers doing their routine. Im the quali I was trying to make the rides for next rounds. In the end I won the quali on second was Dane following me really close with awesome rides.
In saturday Nina had the qualification for K1 woman. She changed the strategy for this event and it didn't work that well and she finished on place 7. Clare won , followed by Emily and Ruth. In the quarterfinals for men I used only 2 rides from 3 and it was enough to place on 2 nd place after Dane. Semifinals were also in the same day so I wanted to go for finals and keep the energy for next rounds. In semis Nina made the place 3th which was great and made the finals. After mens semis Nick went with really dynamic ride from 5th, Jason Craig went from 4th, Quim went from 3rd place, Dane from 2nd and I managed it from 1st. Was super happy that it went this way for me because i was feeling strong for the semifinals.
At sunday we had almost whole day to wait for the finals. Bartosz the Polish Panter was taking part in squirt too and with great style he got 4 th place in the finals. Next was Nina. For me its all the time so much stress to watch her during the competition maybe even bigger than to compete. She had good rides but unfortunately she couldn't made the score high enough to get a medal. She finished 4th after Emily J. On 3rd Ruth on 2nd and with sick rides Claire from UK ( the current world champion ). In men we had a really awesome finals again. Me and Dane Jackson we were fighting for the gold and silver once again. It was a tough fight where fortunately i came out on first place. This year world cup was really hard and all the kayakers perform really well , way better than in the past competitions. It was really cool to see all the athletes to fight so hard and I think the competitions moved for next level and quality.
See you on Adidas Sickline event!
Pictures :Zosia , James Bebbington
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