Monday, 18 February 2013

Snowy winter

This time it's not like our typical updates from some exotic country. Usually we spend our cold European winters in hot sunny Africa but not so this year. Because the World Championship will take place in September we decided to stay home for the winter. We just extended the 2012 season and we did paddle till the end of December. Then we went home for the winter endurance training. However, you probably know that we had serious health problems, but fortunately now we are in a good condition again and maybe in best we have ever been! I think because the peak of the season is so late it's not necessary to paddle all year long. I guess we will have enough time to paddle. So now what I want to do is as much as endurance training as we can, like gyms, Nordic skiing, running, paddling machines, pools and climbing. And when the time comes we start to paddle two times a day we will be able to effort more.

After the Malaria it was a really difficult time for us. Nina was really out of shape and spent a lot of time in gyms with almost the half weight as before. When we started Nordic skiing we were pretty exhausted already after 9km. But now it's really cool to see that the hard training is finally paying off. Nina is in really great shape again and doing 22km and 983m of altitude Nordic skiing in two hours :-)

But there is still a lot of work and training that needs to be done before the paddle season starts again...

So see you,


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