Thursday, 7 March 2013

Spring training in France

So the winter is over for us. We traveled already for the first training camp to France. The plan was to go even more south but unfortunately its too rainy and the Spain Friera wave is just gone because of high levels. So we decided to stay in Millau and train in the hole. Fortunately its not that cold as the forecast says but except kayaking we have to stay closed in car or we just go shopping because its raining or too windy and cold to stay outside. Anyway the spot is very good for the training for the World championships. I think it makes me even more snappy because of the difficulty of the hole. I can feel it definitely after 40 min I am starting to slow down and flash more often from the hole. We did quite lot of endurance training in winter which suppose to help us train more and harder. Hmm anyway I am very sore and everything hurts, its definitely other movements by kayaking :). As i said its raining and yesterday the levels just went up so quick that the course was flooded. Fortunately it didn't affect the hole too much, its still there. The other part of the course is completely flat. Lets hope the hole stays till the end of our training camp. We still have one more week to go.
Here are some pictures from one day which was really nice ( first one ).
See you

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