Monday, 7 July 2008

3th Austrian Cup in Lienz

In Lienz on the first Saturday of July took place the last of three Austrian cups. Me, Peter, our puppy Puko and our good friends, Vlado and Jano, left Bratislava very late. For us it is about 520km, so we came there at 1 am on Saturday. In the morning we went to train a little bit before the competition starts. Lienz is really nice small town, with good sports conditions. In winter you have many ski centers around. Also in the spring, summer or fall it is heaven for sports fans. We, kayakers, have a many options for kayaking. You can find there nice playboating rivers or creeks class 1-6. This town has also few waves and one super hole (everything depends of water level). Competition was in the hole on the river Drau. It started at 13.30 so we had enough time for practicing. First category started K1 juniors, then women and then men. After qualification me and Peter were on the first place. Vlado and Jano also went to semifinals. At 15 o’clock there was a break for cartoons boats competition. We made a team and built a cool boat- big seat with Tv and umbrellaJ.

In this competition you had to build interesting boat and run river trough the hole and don’t fall over or sink.

After this funny part started men’s semifinal and all finals. Peter won with every ride semifinal and head to head too.

Second was Martin Koll and 3th was Michal Stromer.
I was doing well, but my last ride (loop, air loop, cartwheels, spins and clean spin) wasn’t enough for first place and I ended on second place.

3th was Ingrid Schlott

and gold won my Adidas team made, really good kayaker, Deb Pinniger. At the end we won 3rd place at the cartoons boat competition what was nice surprise for us.
Peter won 350euro for the first place and I won 150euro for my second place.

The funny thing was that we got it in money-bag where it was in 50 cents coins. Really good idea but it took me a half hour to count it!

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