Sunday, 13 July 2008

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The article was taken from and written by Ingrid Schlott

The full fleet from size 35, 48, 56 and 64 (gallons) was on test tour in Osttirol on the river Drau and Isel. The playspot on the Drau and play run on the Isel were the perfect testing territory for the FUSE.

Stay tuned for Wavesport demo days in July, August and September 2008!

Deb Pinniger wins Lienz Dolomitenrodeo in FUSE 48

Deb just travels with clients thru the eastern Alps instructing kayaking.On their rest day in Lienz she registered for the event and took first place paddling the FUSE 48. With Deb Pinniger the boat turned into a cartwheeling machine. Incredibly smooth and non bouncy attributes make it a perfect tool for running easier rivers and stay in control on waves and holes.

FUSE 48 - Deb declared it the perfect Zambesi boat – a bit to play and a bit to hit the lines in the harder rapids. Photo: Judith Prechtl

Debs on her way to gold in Lienz, Photo: Judith Prechtl

FUSE 56 - Peter Csonka gave it a try and got big eyes flying high, Photo: Vlado

FUSE 35 - in actin with Felix Lintner, Photo: Peter Lintner

You can try the FUSE series at Wavesport dealers all over Europe

Recommended dealers: Sport Schroer/Unna/Germany, LaOla/Riedering/Germany, LaOla/Bovec/Slovenia, Ozone/Italy, HG Sport/Prague/Czech Rep

Nina Halasova cartwheeling the FUSE 35, Photo: Peter Csonka

Stay tuned for Wavesport demo days in July, August and September 2008!



Aniol said...

hi peter,
I'm Gerd's brother , and I think that u're completly right about the ourense spot I think It's the worst venue in spain to celebrate a european championships. The organizers of the championship changed Frieira for Ourense spot because the ourense council said that they would pay more money but really they don't help to organize the championship.
Anyway it's going to be a very poor competition.
The water level of the wave is kinda difficult to control, so there will be few hours of water.
I hope this information will help you towards the competition.
good luck!!

Peter Csonka said...

Hi man , thanks for info ...
It is sad that they didnt whant to do the competition on the better playspot wich is just 60km from Ourense. It will be really bad competetion...