Thursday, 3 July 2008

Second Graz freestyle competition

Last weekend was the second freestyle competition in Graz. It was a really nice organized event like every time. Whole event was in one day , and they had also ,,pappboot’’ competition between the rodeo. It was a cool show and many people was watching it. At the morning was the qualification of each class , Nina was doing great and had lot of points , ended on the place one. On the second place was Ingrid Schlott and on the third place was Gudrun Lehner. In men category was the top 3 me , Simon Strohmeier and Daniel Herzig. Than was the pappboot run , here is the link for the pictures and and article After the lunch and the run was the freestyle again. Man semis and after that finals for each category. In the juniors went on the first place with awesome rides Daniel Steidl. In the woman category on the first place went Ingrid Schlott with nice rides , Nina missed her ride and went second , third was Gudrun Lehner. In man category I went on the first place , Daniel Herzig was second and Simon Strohmeier was third. It was a great even again. The ceremony was situated in the Shilling restaurant where was the dinner and beer.

Full results are here

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